Wednesday, January 16, 2013

[NEW] Skyshard Heroes Hack Hack 2013 [Wood,Metal,Food,Arcana,Skystones,E...

Skyshard Heroes is an MMO game with city building, unit upgrading, and hero RPG elements. It supports Multiplayer interaction with a map used for nothing other than taking and controling territories called "Conquest". It also has clan/team based mechanics involved in conquest. To start off the game, you should establish a base by creating resource buildings and upgrading your citadel to lv.2 this is often done by a tutorial in the begining of the game. From there you should continue to upgrade your resource buildings to a minimum level of 3 while also spending time and res on military development. You should also consider building defense towers to defend your base from other players, At the same time this makes your base look cool. A Special tip is to Max everything out before upgrading your citadel to the next level, Although you don't have to do this...sometimes its best to make sure you are as strong as possible before reaching higher in the world. It also makes sure your supply lines are Good enough to sustain the Stronger, more costly infantry and buildings. But if you are a dedicated player, A Hero can have his/her citadel to level 4 in about 2 days.


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