Thursday, February 21, 2013

[NEW] Dungeon Rampage Hack 2013 [Gold, Gems, XP, HP, Mana] Live proof of work

Dungeon Rampage is a browser-based MMORPG that offers players an exciting dungeon romp. There is no limit to how many adventures you can go on, and each time you enter the dungeon, it’s randomized, so no two trips in will be the same. You start out as a berserker, however, you can also unlock a variety of other classes using gold. You can also unlock them earlier by spending money to buy gems. Each class plays differently, and has plenty of weapons to equip as you level up. Each character can equip up to three different items. You get two points to put into four different bonuses every time you level up — what’s available differs from character to character. The game is divided into several sections, and each section has a challenging end boss to encounter. Trophies and other rewards are granted for defeating them, to show off to all your friends.