Saturday, February 16, 2013

[NEW] Wasteland Empires Hack Hack 2013 [Gold,Biological,Mineral,Mechanic...

As a fulltime gamer, I’m having a great time watching social gaming evolve. On Facebook (and now Google+), we’ve gone from simple text adventures and virtual farming, to epic sagas wrapped in accessible packaging. CrowdStar now once again ups the ante with a strategy romp called Wasteland Empires that’s easy to jump into but almost impossible to tear yourself away from. Wasteland Empires is another hybrid that mixes elements of games such as Warcraft with city building and Facebook sensibilities. In many ways, the game’s approach is quite similar to War Commander, but the progression of building up your civilization, as well as the game’s overall balance and gameplay design, are much more on the mark than previous contenders. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world reminiscent of Fallout, and the first order of business will be carving out a livable environment for your people. All life revolves around water, which means your stronghold must be constructed near a main well. Auxiliary wells can later be built to expand your metropolis, but first you’ll need to clear rubble using your civilian population. Clean up the wasteland around you, earn resources, build structures, research technology – the mechanics of Wasteland Empires all fall neatly into place.


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