Friday, February 1, 2013

[NEW] Empires & Allies Hack 2013 [Coins, Empire Points, Xp, Energy] Live proof of work

Empires & Allies is CityVille with guns. At least, on the surface. It takes the formula that has made CityVille the biggest game to ever grace Facebook, but builds off of it, adding engaging, approachable combat and a narrative that creates a true sense of progression. This leads to an overall better game, and one where you’re doing more than simply building up the biggest island nation possible: you’re also defending it from evil. A mysterious being known only as The Raven has assembled powerful forces and used them to decimate your beautiful island nation. It’s safe to say that things aren’t going to well when Empires & Allies begins. So it’s your job to put things back to normal by building homes, collecting resources like wood and oil, and reassembling a military to take the fight to The Raven.


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