Thursday, February 21, 2013

[NEW] Dragon City Hack 2013 [Gold, Gems, XP, HP, Mana] Live proof of work

Dragon City is a new Facebook game from Spanish developer Social Point, creators of the successful Social Empires and Social Wars (formerly Men vs. Women). The new title is a pet breeding sim title, and at the time of writing is showing up as the No. 9 top gainer by MAU according to our traffic tracking service AppData. Gameplay in Dragon City revolves around building habitats for dragons, hatching dragon eggs, breeding types of dragon together and ensuring that the player’s increasingly-large menagerie stays well-fed. The game walks players through the basic processes involved in hatching, building, housing and feeding dragons through a simple tutorial and then repeatedly encourages them to follow these procedures through a series of quests. There is not a specific “story” to follow, meaning that the main incentive for progression is to earn money, level up and fill out the “Dragon Book” with all 159 types of dragon currently in the game. Some of these dragons may be discovered simply by hatching new eggs, some may be discovered by feeding a dragon enough for them to “evolve” and others may be found by breeding two different types of dragon together. Some dragons are also awarded as daily bonuses, and others may be acquired by using the in-game “recruitment tavern” to get friends to help.


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