Wednesday, January 16, 2013

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Players can either start their own towns or join one already founded. As a player progresses, he or she may need to switch towns based on what his or her current needs are. For those wanting to start their own town, they will need to have some sort of draw to lure in other players to make their town an active one. Besides towns, The West features much more. Players can duel each other with the winner getting part of the cash the other player was carrying on their person as well as an allotted number of experience points. As a player acquires more experience points through dueling and doing quests found in towns, his or her character will gain levels. Initially every player is considered a greenhorn, but after reaching level 10 each player can choose among four different character classes. Whichever class a player chooses, the choice is permanent and can not be undone. Those four classes are: adventurer, duelist, solider, and worker. Each class has its own unique advantag.For the adventurer, he or she will enjoy a 10% increased chance when working a job to find a product or item, foreign hotels are free until level 2, and a smaller chance of getting hurt when working a job. Duelists get a map speed boost, dueling motivation is boosted 20%, and increased money from dueling. Soldiers get increased health, a bonus to tactic skill during duels, and a leadership increase during fort battles. Finally the worker gets more experience from jobs and pays less banking fees.


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